Frequently Asked Questions

What is Utility Connect?

UtilityConnect is a free service designed to connect consumers with the full spectrum of products and services required for moving, home ownership, home rental, service renewal or shopping for better rates.

How much does this service cost?

Absolutely nothing! Utility Connect is and always will be an absolutely free service and can be used as often as you'd like!

If your service is free, how are you paid?

We are able to provide this service absolutely free because we are taken care of by the providers/vendors for bringing them quality customers like you!

I'm not moving for another month or so, should I go ahead and enter an application?

Yes, the earlier the better. The perfect time to submit is 2 weeks before you will be in your new home.

I am moving in as early as tomorrow - Can you help?

Absolutely! But give us a call as soon as possible as some providers take 24 hours before they can initiate a service.

I’ve been in my house for 10 years - Can Utility Connect help me?

Yes, Utility Connect is not just here to make your move-in easy we are here for the long haul, whether you need to compare electricity, internet or cable rates, check out the new promotions when your contract is up, or get a referral for a person who can make house repair/improvements, we are here to help!

Shouldn't I just transfer my current utilities to my new house?

Due to our relationships with our vendors it is better to shop the new rates and promotions rather than stay in your contracts for a long period of time. At the very least, allow your personal concierge to shop around and provide you with the latest and greatest options in technology and pricing.

What is the selection process for your providers?

We understand having safe and reliable home service providers is of the utmost importance. Our local service providers have proven track records and are pre-screened for items such as licenses, BBB ratings, references and testimonials, and industry leading service.

When and how will you contact me?

After you call or fill out our short online form, you will be contacted by a Utility Connection Agent. We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible, however it may take up to the end of the next business day. Need immediate assistance? Give us a call!

I usually do this myself. Why should I use your service?

Our main focus here at Utility Connect is to save our customers time, money and stress. By utilizing our service you are saving yourself hours of time on the phone or driving around, not to mention having to listen to that awful elevator music when you are waiting on hold. With the time you save we hope you can spend more time doing what is most important to you whether it is more time with family and friends or that extra time needed at work.

I know someone that is moving. Will your service be complimentary to them as well?

Our service is complimentary for everyone!

Does Utility Connect just handle utilities?

We not only handle the basic utilities but also, Security, Satellite/Cable. Internet, Home Phone, Maid Services, Lawn Services, Pest Control and anything and everything you can think of for your home’s needs.

I'm a very busy person; can I schedule a specific appointment with my Concierge?

We would prefer appointments to make our process as convenient as possible, but they are not required. A typical appointment only takes 10-15 minutes.

How do I sign up?

Simply go online at, click the Get Connected button and fill out your information. After signing up, your personal concierge will contact you within 24 hours to find solutions to all of your moving and home needs.

Do I get better rates using Utility Connect?

Absolutely! We make sure to get you all of the current promotions & specials along with exclusive pricing for using Utility Connect.

Do you assist with services you don’t get paid for?

Yes, we are a true one-stop shop, so we will assist you with setting up all home services even if we don’t currently carry a contract with them.

Can you assist with transferring current services?

Of course we can!

How long has Utility Connect been in business?

We have been in business since 2012.

What services can you assist me with?

Our core services we set up when you move into your new home are: Movers, Electricity, Cable, Satellite, Internet, Phone, Home Security, Water, Gas, Insurance and much more.

How do you know what services are available at my home?

Here at Utility Connect, we have a world class IT team who has spent years developing a one of a kind search engine that will cross reference your address with all major providers nation wide.

What areas do you service in the United States?

We provide a variety of our services nation wide..

How do you decipher which cable company to use if there are multiple services at the address?

This is a great question; each company has features that benefit our customers in different ways. We educate you on these features that fit your personal needs to assess the proper product.

What happens if I use your service and my move-in date ends up changing?

Your assigned concierge has all of your services on file and will gladly assist you through the rescheduling process.

How do I know that Utility Connect is a legitimist service?

We are accrediting by the BBB and also our online reviews speak for themselves!

How far in advance can I contact Utility Connect before moving in?

We can start the process of assisting you as far out as 45 days.