facebook pixel image Utility Connect - We offer many easy integration options including API, CSV upload, FTP upload, and email

Multiple Integration Options


Streamline the process by using our Application Programing Interface to securely transfer customer data from your system to ours.

Branded Microsite

Empower your clients with a custom utility connection web page built using your branded logos, color theme and a custom domain.

Embedded Widget

Our assortment of utility connection widgets allow your clients to submit information while still engaged directly on your website.

Chrome Extension

Looking for a quick customer enrollment tool? Easily download Sidekick™, our Google Chrome Extension to automate the process.

CSV Upload

Sometimes it's easier to just generate a daily batch report. We have created a CSV uploader so you can easily upload these reports.

Email Lead

Most systems come equipped with an automated email function so you can trigger an email with specific client data to our team.

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